Saga Dawa Duchen

Date: Sunday, June 14, 2009
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Tashi Choeling Buddhist Center
Street: 1889 Fiddlestick Lane
Phone: 1434 293-7739

Sunday, June 14, 2009Time:
10:00am-11:30am: Fire ceremony
11:30am-12:00pm: Tea Break
12:00-01:00pm: Tsok offering
Tashi Choeling Buddhist Center
1889 Fiddlestick Lane,
Charlottesville , VA 22903 (Just off Old Lynchburg Road )

Suggested Donation: $30 per teaching WHT IS SAGA DAWA DUCHEN In the Tibetan tradition, there are 27 or 28 stars used in conjunction with the lunar calendar. On the 15th day of the fourth month in the Tibetan calendar, the name of the star associated is called Saga.

The Tibetan word Dawa means ’month’. Therefore, Saga Dawa refers to the fourth month in the Tibetan calendar. The entire month during which Saga Dawa occurs is considered to be a holy month, and is highlighted by the birth of Buddha Shakyamuni, which falls on the 7th day, and his enlightenment and subsequent nirvana which falls on the 15th day.

Khenpo Ngawang Dorjee will be celebrating this important holy month by leading a Tibetan fire ceremony or puja, also known in Tibetan terminology as a ‘Vajrasattva Jin-Sik”.

The Vajrasattva fire puja practice mainly focuses on pacifying negativities and obstacles while increasing prosperity, joy, longevity, peace, and realization.

For more information, please email Kathy Anderson – sangha member (, or call tcbci center 1-434-293-7739

Pilgrimage to Tibet 09

I wanted to let you all in Atlanta know that spaces for our pilgrimage
to Jonang power places in Tibet this summer are filling up quickly. We
are keeping it to a small group & there is allot of interest. There
are only a few spots still available & we are accepting registration

If you would kindly let the Atlanta Sangha know about the trip, that
would be great. It would be wonderful to have some of you come along
on pilgrimage with us. I’ll send down some flyers to Amy at the center
& will talk to Khenpo about the trip more. Here is the link on our
website where people can download registration forms & read the info,

Please keep me in the loop about the happenings down there in Atlanta
& let me know if there is anything that I can do.

Many wishes,


Michael R. Sheehy, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Jonang Foundation Blog: