More images from Nepal

The Little Lamas are helping their neighbors clean up. The gentlemen in the orange vests are the Polish engineers who checked the monastery and okayed it. Also, Lodroe Rinpoche is visiting there now.

Photos from Nepal

One of the Little Lamas teachers is from Taiwan and was able to send Amy
some recent pictures from the new monastery. Their building is okay
although there is a small crushed place. Rinpoche asked them to sleep
outside for a while for safety’s sake. Since Taiwan experiences many
earthquakes the teacher was also able to instruct the monks on earthquake
protocols. They have food and water but are without power.

Dakinis´ Day

Dakini Ushnisha Vijaya

We will honor Dakinis’ Day on Wednesday night , August 24, also 7:30 pm.

This is a high honor for us and we ask everyone to please attend and invite friends to benefit as well.
To hear the Dharma will help us accumulate both Wisdom and Merit and help smooth obstacles for all.

Khenpo Ngawang Dorjee and Crew

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Alice Ting from the New York Center

Alice Ting from the New York Dorje Ling Center, is visiting here in Atlanta.
It would be a wonderful opportunity for us to meet , greet and share some Southern hospitality!

She is about to return to Tibet and she coordinates the activities in NY so we can ask her about their schedule as well as her own travel.
We would like to offer light refreshments and drinks a so we can talk with her and learn about their center in New York.

Since her time here is limited,
how many people might be available to meet her THIS Wednesday evening
@ 7:30 pm at the Center?

Please email back so we can see how many people might be able to attend.

Website Ideas

I’ll be upgrading the back end of the website towards the end of the month and want to change the layout and thew front page.

Please leave any ideas in the comment section below.

Some Ideas:

  1. Redo the Quotes page so it loads right away with the newest quotes at the top.

Photo of the Workday

Losar Celebration

When: January 26th 8:00am
Where: Atlanta Center

January 26th we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year with a Fire Puga ceremony scheduled for 8:00
am at our center here in Atlanta. This day is also the day of Losar according to the Tibetan calendar, and very special day for bringing in the New Year.

Adopt A Little Lama In Nepal


This video is about young monks in Nepal at the Jonangpa Monastery in Kathmandu.