Children vitamins for Little Lamas in Nepal

A medical doctor and fellow Kalachakra practitioner is currently collecting a supply of children’s vitamins for delivery to the little children lamas in the Jonang monastery of Nepal.

This will assist in the children’s diet which are currently nutritionally borderline adequate, and help them overcome some chronic medical conditions due to malnutrition.

This vitamin supply drive will be sent out the week of Thanksgiving from Dorje Ling Buddhist Center in Atlanta in co-ordination with the medical doctor in charge.

If you would like to help in purchasing some vitamins for these wonderful little lamas, please read below:

  1. we agree on a certain single vitamin preparation.
    The one from Amazon would be fine unless someone has a better suggestion
  2. everyone who wants to do this orders one or more bottles from Amazon on their credit card, to be delivered either to them personally or to Dorje Ling Buddhist Center – Atlanta, c/o Ted Lee – doctor in charge, 3253 Shallowford Rd NE
    Chamblee, GA 30341-3632
    (770) 451-7715
  3. You can also make a small donation from the link on the right.
  4. after all these have arrived we’ll FedEx or DHL all together to the manager of monastery in Nepal–I anticipate shipping will cost around $50-60, maybe more but we will be assured that the package reaches its intended destination.

9 bottles will last 4 months, 13 bottles will last 6 months–I hope we can send at least 9 bottles.

Maybe we can allow 3-4 weeks for everyone to place orders and for them to arrive & plan to send out shipment the week before Thanksgiving?

warm regards to all,
happy Lhabab Duchen –
Kathy Sacklin (TCBC)