Prayer to be Reborn in the Buddha Field of Dewachen

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4 @ 7:30 pm: Dewachen prayer

This Friday Khenpo has announced that he will give us both the prayer and teaching on
“Prayer to be Reborn in the Buddha Field of Dewachen”.

This practice allows one to use this prayer along with developing the 4 other causes so that , at the time of death, one will go immediately to the Buddha Field of Dewachen (know as the Western Buddha Field).

This Pure land is considered the “best” as one remains there until one reaches complete enlightenment.

Many of you have been asking for Phowa and Khenpo feels that this prayer will be a strong practice for us.

We are working to locate an English translation of the prayer and hope you can attend and bring friends.

No previous empowerment is required, but please email us back a confirmation so we can plan for copies.

PLEASE, we are asking for monetary Donations . Whatever you can offer , we appreciate.
Your donations go both to support our teacher and also to help us build a new roof for Dorje Ling!!
And not only will you get merit, but you can also get a tax deduction!

Other news items:
SEPT 12 and 13: PAINT and SWEEP days:

Help us give our center a new clean fresh look…Join us around 11 am both days.
Bring whatever tools you have—paint brushes, Leaf blowers, Clippers…

We will be aided by Alvin Lee who has asked to help Dorje Ling as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Please come and bring anyone who might be available to help.

To Venerable Dorje and James as they prepare to travel to Kathmandu to study for 2 years.
Thank you to the Dharma Etiquette committee , so we now have an intro piece for visitors.
Happy Birthday to Le!
Be watching as we hope to be getting our NEW ROOF!!

If you have prayer requests, email them to me and I will try to include in our emails.
We need someone willing to haul off the old washer to recycling.

Thank you

Khenpo has asked if there are any teaching we would like to request from him, so be thinking.