Heart Sutra teachings from other emptiness point of view

Khenpo Ngawang Dorjee

Khenpo Ngawang Dorjee will be teaching on this seminal text of other-emptiness over a two weekend series beginning Friday April 8, 2011 at 7.30pm.

Prajnaparamita Hrdaya (Heart Sutra) and Sherab Snyingpo Teachings in Atlanta and via teleconference – begins Friday April 8, 2011 @ 7.30pm

The prajnaparamita Sutras (Skt: Prajnaparamita Hrdaya), also known as the Heart Sutra (Tibetan wylie: bcom ldan ‘das ma shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa’i snying po); is the core text on the subject of other-emptiness and represents the summation of all of Buddha’s wisdom, the essence of transcendental wisdom.

This core text distills the fundamental law of dependent origination and represents the quintessence of non-attachment of self and phenomena, expounding on the deeply profound other-emptiness (wylie: des sheg snying po).

Sherab Snyingpo (essence of wisdom), a recitation of the Heart Sutra practice; is commonly recited in most Tibetan buddhist monasteries and nunneries as well as the annual prayer festivals of monlam chenmo.

The schedule:

Friday – April 8, 2011 @ Dorje Ling Buddhist Center, Atlanta 7.30pm
Sunday April 10, 2011 @ Dorje Ling Buddhist Center, Atlanta 7pm
Friday – April 15, 2011 @ Dorje Ling Buddhist Center, Atlanta 7.30pm
Sunday April 17, 2011 @ Dorje Ling Buddhist Center, Atlanta 7pm

A jenang will also be given for those wishing to make this a daily practice. All are welcome to attend. Khenpo Rinpoche will also be available for private interviews throughout the week.

Please contact Dorje Ling Atlanta for further details. Website: http://jonang.org/about-2/atlanta-ga/


Suggested Donation will be $95.00 for the entire teachings.
we are not able to offer single pricing.
These costs help us support our center .
Also one will need an additional offering for the teacher and translator.

Out of town students will be able to view the teachings online. Our staff member
are creating a way to follow the teachings over the internet now.