Rare Kalachakra & Kurukulla Empowerments

The empowerment is over, but please send us your email address and we’ll contact you the next time there is a Kalachakra event.

Kalachakra Mandala

Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche, founder of Dorje Ling, spiritual
head of the Atlanta and New York Jonang Centers, and recognized as an emanation of Taranatha, will give these very precious empowerments. According to witnesses of his birth in Amdo-Golok in Tibet, the first sound Rinpoche uttered was the Guru Siddhi Mantra, extraordinary teachings that are very rarely taught for Western audiences and which are extremely special to receive. Please pre-register as space is limited.

Kalachakra, dating from the age of the historical Buddha,
is the the Wheel of Time that helps us use our daily experi-ence to clear defilements and manifest wisdom and compas-sion. The practitioner becomes an instrument for universal harmony from the blueprint that is the Kalachakra mandala. (David Reigle) This lha dgu empowerment is one of the four higher empowerments of Kalachakra generation stage. It is a pre-requisite for Kalachakra completion stage, symbolized as Kalachakra with the eight deities ablaze and indicative of the ten signs of accomplishment of the six-branched Kalachakra yoga. This important practice is designed for those with aspiration to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime


Kurukulla, the ruby-red lotus dakini of magic and enchantment, attracts the manifestation of our desires and dances on the demon of ignorance. Her four arms are equanimity, joy, love, and compassion. Her arrows are made from red utpala flowers, which attract opportunities like bees to flowers. Her sadhana mentions magical powers of pacifying, increasingwealth and prosperity, enchanting and magnetizing for good, and destroying obstacle.