Phowa Teachings

We just found out that khenpo is going to give us prelims for phowa. When he returns , he will do the last stage which requires a lama to chant while student does practice.

Khempo has giving us preliminaries last night to do before he returns, in about 3 months. If you are planing on joining us for the rest of the teaching please let us know. We will be selling the dvd soon.

Khenpo Choejur

Khenpo Choejur

MAY TEACHINGS: Sunday evenings @ 7pm
Translations by Professor Robert W. Clark, Ph.D. of Stanford University.

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PHOWA Instruction: May 3
Highly prized by Tibetan people, Phowa teachings and empowerments are rarely given in the West. Khenpo Choejor will give instructions in the Jonang lineage of Phowa. This teaching does not require a previous empowerment.

Phowa, literally “transferring consciousness”, has many meanings. Phowa is the practice one learns to transfer one’s mind stream to the Pure Land of Amitabha (Dewa Chen) at the moment of death. With a good practice, one is not reborn in Samsara, but remains in the Pure Land of Amitabha where one attains full enlightenment under the teaching of Amitabha Buddha.

AMITABHA Text and Commentary:

Date: not sure yet

Because the Phowa practice depends upon Amitabha (Buddha of infinite Light), Khenpo would like to spend time giving the complete text of Amitabha: Buddha of Infinite Light.
These texts, from both Nygma and Kagyu lineages, are major teachings in Tibet.
It is customary to give Phowa in conjunction with Amitabha teachings.

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