Teaching Update for this Week

Dear Friends,

Our next class has been moved to Sunday evening( oct 25) at 7 pm.
Khenpo will continue instruction on the Prayer for Rebirth in Dewachen.
There is no class on Friday evening,Oct 23.

On Sunday morning( Oct 25), there are our usual practices of Kalachakra
( this requires initiation) as well as Tara Practice, which is open for all at 10:30 am.
It’s a wonderful way to dedicate merit and send blessings for those on your heart.

Our book Study group is considering Mind Beyond Death by Dzogchen Ponlop, if you want to order a copy.
Meetings TBA.

If you know of anyone needing a roofer, Mike Prewitt re-did our roof.
He donated materials as he wanted to help support our little sangha.
His webpage is mfproofs.com and if you know of anyone with a leak, send them his way.


For those interested in a Kalachakra retreat, I am pasting the info in below:

Kalachakra Retreat 2009
Khenpo Ngawang Dorjee will give detailed instructions in the five preliminary practices common
to the Glorious Kalachakra generation stage four enlightenments and completion stage six branches of practice:
refuge, the root of Buddhism in general;

mind generation, the root of Mahayana;
3.Vajrasattva, the purification of sins and defilements;
4. mandala, the accumulation of the collection of merit; and

Khenpo will also give the four higher initiations and the instructions of the spontaneous Kalachakra, the common preliminary practice of the K?lachakra six branches of practice on the completion stage.

In addition, there will be the opportunity to practice these meditations over the course of three days.
Vajrayana students who are interested are welcome to attend and are encouraged to bring a mandala set and mala.
Date & Location: November 13-15, 2009, TCBCI, Charlottesville, Virginia

Cost: $200

Registration: Existing students: please send in your details and registration fees to
TCBCI,1889 FiddleStick Lane, Charlottesville, Virginia, VA 22903, USA. Tel: (434) 293-7739, email .

New students: A letter of application (via email is acceptable) is required for those who are not students of Khenpo Dorjee outlining your details. Please note that only Vajrayana students will be considered.

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