Bardo Chanting prayer for Japan from New York

Dear Atlanta Friends,

Dorje Ling Atlanta will offer a prayer service for those who have
been killed or are suffering from the Earthquake in Japan
as well as all the fighting around the world.

We will have Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche chanting Bardo prayers
Starting around 10 am Sunday morning, March 13, 2011.
(We will try to use Skype so we can see and hear the chanting,
join with many others live in NY.)
Our center will open at 9:30 am tomorrow for those that want
Pray together.

This is open to all and anyone who wants to join is invited and welcome.
We want to offer our prayers in a spirit of sharing.

I have been told that he will chant from Bardo Prayers
and it may last more than an hour.
If you can come for any portion, this is fine.

We have tea lites for the candles , but flowers can be offered, or
An offering for the lamas is traditional.
Can someone please research the best way
to donate money for survivors and we can publish that tomorrow.

For a map to our center, go to our webpage: