US Taranatha Society

The US Taranatha Society was organized to fund  spiritual activities of the Dorje Ling Buddhist Center. Goals of the US Taranatha Society:

  • Provide financial and material support of resident monks and nuns
  • Provide financial support for orphanage, elderly care facility, medical
    facility and primary/secondary school in Tibet
  • Provide financial support for Jonangpa Monasteries in Tibet, China, and India
  • Develop an intern yogi/yogini scholarship fund
  • Establish a non-sectarian Buddhist University in Tibet
  • Provide INS sponsorship for visiting masters, monks and nuns

Friends of the US Taranatha Society:

  • Orphanage view video
  • School Medical Facility
  • University
  • Monasteries view
    photo album
  • Visiting Masters
  • Visiting Monks and Nuns

Drop of Altruism Fund

This is a non-profit organization registered in New York by Dorje Ling Buddhist Center and currently supporting projects as follows:

  • Orphanage school project in Guoluo, Qinghai Province started around 1999.
  • Nursing home project for elderly people in Guoluo, Qinghai Province started around 1999
  • Set up Medical Clinics and provide free treatment for extremely poor and isolated areas in Guoluo, Qinghai Province started in 2007
  • The saving yak life and giving to poor families project started in 2006