ThanksGiving Schedule Updated

Friday after Thanksgiving , we will still share a potluck with our dear Teacher

And there is NO teaching due to a translator holiday.
If you want to bring your family, please do so they can meet Khenpo.
Khenpo loves kids ( of all ages).
Please bring whatever you like and let’s
meet earlier ( 5:50 PM???) so we can have dinner around 6pm

Green Tara  Practice

Sunday @10:30am- open to all

Drivers’ Ed for Khenpo:
We still need folks to practice driving with Khenpo.
If you have an automatic car and want to help Khenpo,
Please !! Call the center.
Khenpo loves the chance to learn.

Thanksgiving Week Schedule:
Friday night the day after Thanksgiving–
Please RSVP if you would like to have a pre-teaching dinner
so we can celebrate with Khenpo-la.

We need a head count of those who might attend.
Would someone like to coordinate?

Thank you.
Please feel free to forward.