Kalachakra Teachings

Khenpo Choejor is offering teaching for the preliminaries for Kalachakra for all students ( no empowerment required)
Sunday evening at 7pm.

Although the dharma is free to all who wish to know, due to rising costs of providing services in teleconferencing and administration, Dorje Ling Atlanta must now request its students to each contribute $10 per lesson towards the costs of the Kalachakra teachings offered by our precious dharma teacher Khenpo Choejor.
( There is a little basket on the coffee table for this purpose.)
No one will be turned away due to genuine financial hardship.

For students not able to attend, we are offering the opportunity to attend by telephone using Free Conference.

Once the student has made their contribution, either through Paypal or by check, a confirmation email with clearance information will be emailed. To allow for this to be handled by volunteer staff and not disturb the teachings, we ask that payment be done at least 48 hours in advance of the teaching. .

Is not allowed as these teachings are meant for only those in attendance.

4.SADHANAS are available at the center for those with empowerment.

5. TAX DEDUCTIBLE contributions:
As you finish your income taxes, please consider a gift to Dorje Ling as we are a non profit charitable organization.

Please let your friends know so they can attend.
Khenpo Choejor will be teaching until mid June so we hope you can take advantage of our time with him.

Stay up to date with up coming teachings and practices.