Update on the Property

We have recently received good news regarding the continued loans on our center building, and the 40 acres of land that we are currently financing for a potential retreat or monastery. As many of you know this has been a spiritual goal for us for some time now. Tashi Gyalsten Rinpoche blessed this land, and has spent a good deal of time on the property when he visits our center in Atlanta. It is a special place for him.

The bank has agreed to refinance the loan on the center building, as well as the land loan, at a much lower interest rate, and payments.

We are excited about this news as it will enable us to operate our manage the financial situation of our center with less financial overhead. However, your help is needed.

We need approximately $1500.00 for closing costs. Total closing costs are around $4,000. We have been able to raise $2,500 due to the generous help of some of our members. But we still need the difference as soon as possible. The bank us ready to close on these loans.

Please search your heart, and if you feel you are able to help in this way, please contact Amy Lee at 770-329-2754 with your pledge. Donations are confidential, and you help is greatly appreciated. The future of our center depends on your generous donations and pledge Please email us at dorjelin…@bellsouth.net if you have any questions or inquiries..