Yak and Sheep Rescue Project

This Yak Rescue Project is an important program for the new displaced community. The Yaks will supply the community with wool and milk. The Sheep will also supply wool and milk and in several years will also supply food.


  1. Christina says:

    Is this some sort of existential delima? I think it must be a great blessing to be able to live where you don’t have to consume meat to survive, particularly if is goes against your religion or personal sensitivities. If that is all you have though, what choice is there? If you have no choice and yet something to offer humanity, the good, etc., does it not make sense to accept what you do not have control over? It just makes us more apart of the animal kingdom than we might want to believe we are. Thinking we are not, or never have been, or are better than that, that is just another ego message as well. Those that truly have no other alternative can do their best to not cause suffering. If I were a Yak and got to roam around with such wonderful people in the open mountain ranges and then my life ended without pain and in service to those who loved me so well, from my limited perspective at this time, that does not seem so bad.

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